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Vivid.   A word that suggests bright bold colors and sharp, well-defined flavors.    As my friend Wayne Hurlbert no doubt understands, a vivid painting can be truly re-vivifying.    I am contemplating ‘v’ words today on a suggestion from my friend Ruth.    I don’t own a Volkswagen and have never committed any acts of vivisection.    Frankly,  winter is the wrong time to see verdant green fields and forests.   Although they are no doubt visible in the other hemisphere right now,  and perhaps in more temperate parts of this hemisphere.    Soon enough it will be spring and verdant patches will break out all over.

The word vivacious has me thinking of a woman named Vivienne.   For a time she published a blog called The Eavesdrop Writer.    She had a real talent for over-hearing conversations and using them in short stories.     I…

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